2017 security round up


Dec 2017


2017 has been a year of belt-tightening, and an increased emphasis on value for money and cost effectiveness.

A wide variety of companies, who are operating in difficult environments, are seeing the appeal of a more comprehensive solution to operational necessities, rather than security purely as a commodity.

Add to this the importance and necessity of achieving international standards and following international rules if you wish to be taken seriously. A business must maintain the validity of accreditation and this requires  continual oversight and quality assurance. This all takes time and money.

The development of integrated solutions that exploit our capabilities across the Harlow International group of companies to deliver secure logistics, construction and oilfield turnkey services has been developed this year. In 2018, we will be offering bespoke solutions to clients entering and investing in Iraq, as well as those already operating there.

Al  Murabit has grown steadily in 2017 and will build on this in 2018. One key element is people. Training and up-skilling our in-house team to remain at the top of our standards and ensuring new joiners have the essential skills and understand the necessity to follow our operating procedures and processes.

The human factor of operating in countries with challenging operating conditions highlights the need for a specific skill set and a certain attitude. Any lack of attention to hiring the right people, how they are managed, training and length of hours worked etc all have implications on the security of any situation.

Following the defeat of Da’esh, new markets and potential opportunities will open up in Iraq and interested parties will once again be assured of their investments and partnerships, especially in the areas of reconstruction and oil and gas development.

Cyber security has been on everyone’s mind since the turn of the millennium, yet is still very much on the agenda for companies operating in Iraq. A lack of awareness and investment in cyber security could seriously cost businesses and affordable solutions are something that it pays to look for.

We are planning for 2018, hope you can join us,  and wish you all a successful year!