Basra update


Sep 2018


Basra is in its third day of protests, which has seen demonstrators and security forces clash in the streets. Civilians and security forces have fatalities and injuries on both sides.

Basra is seeing a lot of protests due to a lack of basic services, including a water and power shortage over the hot summer months. There has been approximately 20,000 people admitted to hospital suffering from poisoned water. The true cause of this is still unclear.

The Security Forces have been reinforced with troops from Baghdad who have a heavy hand approach. Yesterday an off duty member of the Iraqi Security Forces who was demonstrating was killed, this has led to a further protest today and a lot anger towards the ISF.

Route closure and tyre burning has been a common occurrence over the last few days. However the more violent protests happen at night mainly due to it being cooler than during the heat of the summer sun.

Although the IOCs are being partially blamed for the problem the main focus of the demonstrations are against the Basra Governate and focused in the city centre to Northern parts of Basra, therefore not having a lot of impact against the major companies.

Large scale demonstrations, criminal activity and kidnap in the Basra area are classified as high and we therefore advise clients to stay away from Basra City Centre.