The importance of hiring right in the security business


Jun 2017


The importance of Human Resources:

Human Resources (HR) has evolved from the role of simple administration and employee champion, to playing an important strategic role in managing people, the workplace culture and environment, and contributing greatly to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of its goals, objectives and success.

This includes ensuring that the HR organisational culture and climate is one in which employees are kept motivated, happy, personally engaged and contributing to company success, and have the competency, concern and commitment to serve customers well.

This is achieved by providing a flexible strategic and operational HR capability, delivering best-in-class HR services, underpinned by:

  • local law, company policies, systems, procedures;
  • standards and principles that are compatible with best practice; and
  • ensuring that governance, compliance and audit requirements are set and achieved.

Hiring right in security:

Obviously, there are key elements for hiring in the security business that are similar across other industries. HR need to hire someone who:

  1. has the necessary skills and experience for the job
  2. will work hard
  3. remain loyal to the company in the long term
  4. abide by the company ethos and standards
  5. wants to help grow the business.

However, more than meeting the company’s recruitment and screening standards, hiring is also about meeting clients’ specifications for a specific contract. It is essential that on-boarding pre-requisites eliminate, as much as possible:

  • the risk of employing inappropriate individuals;
  • ensuring that prospective employees do not pose a threat to the company, the client and company/client assets; and
  • protects the company reputation and brand.

Everyone in the security business knows that, due to the current financial climate, to win a contract you need to not only meet the clients’ conditions regarding staff employed for their project, but it seems more important to be competitively priced above all else. This unfortunately leads to the trend that some companies are having to hire people who, while they meet the client specifications and the company’s minimum recruiting standards, aren’t who they would normally hire, or who the client envisioned, to service a contract.

The potential follow-on effects are the lowering of quality of both service provided and standards. This in turn results in an increase in the risk to clients because the people providing their security aren’t always the optimum choice, or even second best, they’re sometimes just the ones who the company was able to get for the salary offered.

How do security companies get past this trend?

To reverse this trend it is the security company’s responsibility to ensure that potential clients are made fully aware of “how much bang they’re getting for their buck” – to actually offer the detailed options for each price level. Doing so encourages transparency in the recruitment process, but also gives the client the option to choose a level based on his budget and preferences.

Clients should be informed of what the implications are of hiring the cheapest employees and what that means when it comes to the provision of security for their personnel and assets.

Most companies working in challenging environments need to offer assurance to their employees that the utmost care and attention has been made to their safety and that all risks have been mitigated with due assessment.

Clarity at the first stage of the recruitment process is the only way to ensure that the security personnel provided are appropriate for the client’s project requirements and their employees’ safety in the long-term.