Iraq Advice


Jul 2016



Never assume anything when travelling. You could apply this anywhere, but in Iraq it is even more valid. Common sense plays a part but there are some key factors to consider that all operators heading into Iraq and the region should take note of.

  1. Do your research. Know where you’re going, who will meet you when you arrive and where you’re going.
  2. Know the details. Who is providing your security,life support and logisLcs? Are they reputable companies?
  3. Medical response. Do you have basic medication on you? If you get ill who will take care of you? Don’t assume a local hospital will be able to provide attention.
  4. Good communications. Keep in touch with your security detail, make it easy for them to look after you. They have tracking systems and telecommunicaLons equipment to keep you safe and respond quickly, if necessary.
  5. Local partners. Build trust and relationships with key individuals. Ensure you have an interpreter if you don’t speak Arabic.
  6. Be prepared. Do mulltiple scenario responses and be pro-­active about preparation.
  7. Training. Even if you have experience in hostle environments, continuous training is essential. Don’t become complacent.