Raising and maintaining the standards for the security industry in Iraq


May 2017


On our one year anniversary of being awarded the ISO 18788 international accreditation we are immensely proud to look back on our continued achievement of maintaining security standards in Iraq . At the time in 2016 we were the first Iraqi company to have achieved both the PSC-1 and the ISO certifications. We are still the only company in the world to have achieved the ISO in Iraq under UKAS witnessed assessment. As UKAS is the foremost and most respected certification body worldwide this is no mean feat.

External accreditation is not new in the international security sector, indeed it has become the precursor for tender and selection. For Iraq, however, this is still a fairly new advancement and we are pleased to be the first to break new ground.

Not only is achieving this international certification a great badge to wear for our own business, but it is a significant milestone for the security services industry in Iraq. We encourage other Iraqi companies to follow suit – and some are doing so already – and take the big step into the accreditation space to bring their companies up to standard.

Retaining the ISO standard is important and this requires constant internal auditing, inspections and maintenance. We are now on a programme of achieving all the other standards that are going to be required by international organisations in the future.  We continue to improve and build trust with our customers by demonstrating ethical methods of operation and transparency in our processes.

Not only is quality the future of our industry, it is also extremely important in a challenging environment like Iraq where business is developing rapidly. Our customers can focus on their core business, secure in the knowledge they are protected by professionals of an international standard who continue to maintain security standards in Iraq.

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