Where to stay in Baghdad? Make an informed decision on accommodation


May 2017


Baghdad is open for business and the only way to get a slice of it is to come and meet potential clients and partners. So, where do you stay? Making an informed decision on your accommodation in Baghdad is critical to your security, and also to ensuring that where you stay is going to enable you to achieve what you came for in the first place.

There are 3 basic options: the airport, the International (Green) Zone and Baghdad itself. If your business can be concluded without leaving the airport then it makes perfect sense to stay there. There is an airport hotel, and also a number of private companies offering fully catered accommodation.

The International Zone has some secure accommodation that is provided by security companies as part of their overall package. These vary in quality but are usually more than adequate. On the edge of the Zone is the Rasheed Hotel (now known as the Royal Tulip) which has been extensively refurbished, for those who remember how it was 10+ years ago. It is very popular with the UN and NGOs.

In Baghdad itself there are a number of hotels of varying quality from 5* to very basic. It is important to evaluate them against your security standards before making a decision. Hotels have been a target for attacks in the past and can also be vulnerable to kidnap threats. Location is important – are you close to where you may have to go? If not you expose yourself to both risk and delay with traffic.

You could even consider using our Riverside Business Park for your visit. It is secure and discreet with 5* catering, as well as meeting and office space.

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Riverside; on the edge of the River Tigris