Mar 2018

Travelling safely: preparation

Travel preparation and planning in advance will give you a feeling of control and peace of mind. Travelling to Iraq is not like going on holiday where you have the option of being spontaneous or booking last minute health insurance. Detailed itineraries and inventories are what will keep you safe but will also keep your […]


Feb 2018

Iraq reconstruction to steam ahead

With the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider Al Abadi, and Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, both in attendance, the Kuwait Conference for Iraq Reconstruction was seen as a platform of Iraq’s reignited push for reconstruction investment. Many projects have been spoken about previously, with 157 key projects highlighted by the NIC just last week that […]


Feb 2018

Reconstruction plans for Mosul

Simon Barry and Gordon Muirhead from Al Murabit conducted a recce to Mosul in December. The purpose was to establish what the general situation was and to assess the level of damage, and therefore the requirement for reconstruction over the coming years. The results were pretty shocking. Mosul is a city that has been destroyed […]


Dec 2017

2017 security round up

2017 has been a year of belt-tightening, and an increased emphasis on value for money and cost effectiveness. A wide variety of companies, who are operating in difficult environments, are seeing the appeal of a more comprehensive solution to operational necessities, rather than security purely as a commodity. Add to this the importance and necessity of achieving […]


Nov 2017

The industry talk at ADIPEC

ADIPEC is the one of the world’s largest events for the oil and gas industry and though Abu Dhabi was host to all the major players again this year, there was a distinct feeling that it was a slimmed down version. Stands were smaller, teams were fewer in number, companies packed in more to a […]