Nov 2017

Al Qaim reveals the horror of living under Daesh

Al Qaim was the last Daesh bastion on the western border with Syria, and last week Iraqi forces recaptured the town and final border post between Iraq and Syria that was still held by the terrorists. On the other side of the border, Syrian forces confirmed it had retaken Deir al-Zour, a Daesh stronghold since […]


Oct 2017

Seven Expert Opinions On The Kirkuk Crisis

In the after math of the September 2017 Kurdish independence referendum, Prime Minister Haidar Abadi demanded that the Kurds relinquish control of the areas it occupied in Kirkuk during the summer of 2014. To try to give perspective to this shocking series of events are several experts giving their personal views. Lukman Faily is […]


Sep 2017

Kurdistan a state, to be or not to be?

One cannot escape from the question of the status of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) relationship with the Government of Iraq (GOI) in Baghdad, is it a one of a state to state, or a province to state, or in transition and fluidity? The jury is still out on the status end game, and as […]


Aug 2017

Hope for Mosul

Our team visited Mosul last week to assess the reality of the current security situation in the destroyed remains. As you can imagine the feedback was a mixture of morbid stories and images of a broken region torn apart by the ravages of war, but there was also talk of hope.


Jul 2017

Safe in Mosul after liberation?

Now that the Iraqi Government Forces have cleared the majority of Mosul, will it be safe for companies to enter Iraq? Progress has been made to remove Da’esh from key locations in northern Iraq and to liberate the Iraqi population from the stranglehold that they had on them. However, now there is a major task […]