Aspen Medical Case Study

Working safely in a post-war zone

Aspen Medical provide project management, medical services and clinicians where they are needed, but where traditional models are not available. From West Africa to Iraq, fighting Ebola in indigenous communities, providing maternity units, dental services, remote area healthcare, trauma and everything in between. They have been providing healthcare solutions since 2003 in remote, challenging or under-resourced environments.

The WHO and the Ministry of Health in Iraq requested humanitarian assistance in the medical sector from Aspen Medical in 2017. Now there are as many as 50 people working for Aspen in Iraq across their requirements in the northern provinces.

Security Requirements

With a ‘can do’ attitude that ensures they provide effective, timely solutions for their clients, Aspen Medical need a security company with the flexibility to provide what they require, where they require it and when they require it. Therefore using a professional company with a solid reputation and agile approach to respond to changing needs is essential.

Based on the opinions of key individuals who understand and have worked in the security industry in Iraq for many years, Al Murabit was selected to provide Aspen’s security in Iraq. Due diligence was undertaken to ensure they were armed with the full information to select the right security company for their needs within a short time frame.

The security team at Al Murabit were able to fulfill Aspen’s requirements at short notice and now Al Murabit provide Aspen Medical with both mobile and static security not only in Baghdad, but also in Anbar and Nineveh provinces.

Thanks to Nick McHugh, Country Director for Iraq at Aspen Medical, for his input and time when collating this case study.