Bonatti Case Study

We focus on the task, Al Murabit focus on security

Bonatti are an international oil and gas general contractor with 70 years of experience in the oil, gas and power industry. They partner with the major national and international oil companies on challenging projects under the most critical environmental and logistical conditions in remote locations. Working across 19 countries, Bonatti first started work in the Middle East on a maintenance contract in Libya. Since then they have completed projects in Saudi Arabia and Egypt with their first contract in Iraq commencing in 2014 on the West Qurna 2 Power Plant.

Asset protection

Bonatti’s most important assets are their people, who they consider as the life blood of the company. Ensuring the safety of staff and ensuring compliance with local, international and Italian law whilst executing HNV projects in an austere environment is their biggest challenge in Iraq.

Tendering security

Bonatti were looking for a good mix of companies to participate in the tender process for their security requirements; both international and local service providers. When considering service providers they rightly have a strict selection criteria.

They were specifically looking for companies that:

Security selection

Al Murabit were chosen as Bonatti’s security service provider after careful consideration and evaluation as being the best technically capable company in Iraq, and the best financial choice. Various criteria led to this selection, but in particular it was Al Murabit’s conformity and adherence to international best practice that meant the team could compete on a level playing field with the bigger international security companies.

‘Worry-free’ security services

Al Murabit provide Bonatti’s security services on a daily basis; security services and intelligence with sound analysis that enables Bonatti to make informed decisions with regards to the movement of their most important assets; people.

Al Murabit have always projected a can do attitude, with the ability to conduct business in the field with efficiency and professionalism. A fantastic attribute is that if we are informed that a particular service is available, it is delivered as discussed and according to our requirements without fuss or issue.

Whether the client is an engineer working within Basra, a technician travelling from Basra to Baghdad, or a senior executive flying into Baghdad from a meeting, Al Murabit treats all individuals with the same importance and the same dedicated level of service.

When our staff travel with Al Murabit, the general consensus from top to bottom is that the Al Murabit teams are professional, knowledgeable and efficient, which leaves our staff feeling safe and secure allowing them to focus on their particular task without having to worry about what is going on around them. This may sound like a minor or trivial point, however consider that Iraq is one of the most challenging environments in the world from a security perspective.

Advice to other companies working in Iraq

While the security situation remains tenuous and volatile in certain areas, Iraq remains one of the world’s most challenging environments in which to operate.

With all its security issues, it is steeped in a rich culture as old as civilisation itself. The people of Iraq are a proud race, with a strong sense of national pride. They have suffered immensely over the last two decades but their resilience has shone through, which shows a great degree of patience, fortitude and solidarity.

Bonatti recommends that prospective companies wishing to enter Iraq should respect cultural traditions, have perseverance and determination. Above all, international travellers should select a competent, professional security company for the provision of security services within Iraq that understands the current issues, the culture and security dynamic.

Al Murabit continue to provide a quality service and at a competitive cost, management are responsive and the equipment and teams used to deliver services are of exceptional quality, we can’t find fault with the services being provided.

Bonatti operates throughout Iraq with the support of Al Murabit, which they have managed and continue to do safely and without incident since March 2017.

Thank you to Steve Jones, Iraq Country Security Manager at Bonatti, for his input and time in the collation of this Case Study.