Final Mile

Final Mile is an American supply chain logistics company focusing on industry segments in austere environments, and is part of the Mercury Air Group. In Iraq, the US Department of State and the Defense Department had tasked Final Mile with the logistics of supplying USA stores with retail products for all US military installations across the country.

2011 and 2013 Final Mile contracted Al Murabit to provide convoy security escort teams for their high value moving cargo and arrange customs clearance for their priority cargo. Al Murabit provided customs clearance at Baghdad International Airport for time sensitive products, such as magazines and cigarettes. For perishable consumables AMS provided articulated refrigerated lorries, where cargo was collected from the Iraq/Jordanian boarder.

At any one time, AMS91 could deploy a number of their 7 project dedicated teams to escort up to 40 lorries. Depending on the assets of each cargo, teams were securing the delivery of goods – in lorries that could be up to 40ft long – from a border or port, arranging customs clearance and safely delivering the convoy to US military bases from the north in Kurdistan to the southern region near Basra.