Al Murabit Security Services first Iraqi company awarded international industry leading accreditation from UKAS


Aug 2016

May 2016, Baghdad – Al Murabit Security Services (AMS) and its sister company Al Thaware Security Services (ATS), the security services companies of Iraqi-based, international conglomerate Harlow International, have been awarded the ISO 18788:2015 accreditation. AMS and ATS are the first to be awarded the UKAS and IQ Verify witnessed assessment on ISO 18788:2015 in the world.

The globally recognised benchmark is the highest accreditation in the security services industry; with ATS and AMS also the first Iraqi owned businesses to attain the standard through UKAS, one of the most respected accreditation bodies in the world.

The ISO 18788 is only awarded to security services operators who reach the highest operational and management standards. As a challenging standard ISO 18788:2015 provides the principles and requirements for a security operations management system (SOMS) and helps AMS demonstrate its ability to consistently provide services that meet client needs and are in conformance with applicable laws and human rights requirements.

Al Murabit Security Services is a part of Harlow International, an Iraqi owned business working across security, manpower, life support, defence, construction, government services and the media. Harlow operates primarily in Iraq with business development offices in London, Dubai, and Korea.

ATS and AMS are notable among security providers in Iraq as they are entirely Iraqi owned and employ 97% of their workforce from the local market. This ensures that their approach to security is informed by a unique perspective: they are committed to building local knowledge, skills and expertise in the areas in which they operate so that the next generation of Iraqis can continue to build a strong and secure nation.

On receiving the award on behalf of ATS and AMS, the head of business development said: Not only does this accreditation prove to clients our commitment to continually develop our excellent quality of service, but it also showcases our drive to be leaders in Iraq within the security business. We can proudly encourage others to follow suit and increase the overall quality of personal security in the region.