Kidnap and Ransom

Al Murabit now partner with MS Risk


Al Murabit have partnered with MS Risk to add crisis response to its list of consulting capabilities. We can assist companies, families and individuals who fall victim to the high risk crimes of kidnapping and extortion. The safe return of the captive is our single aim and everything we do will support this effort. Adversaries can range from lone bandits to militant groups and our experienced consultants have resolved major cases of kidnap, hijack, extortion, illegal detention and malicious product tamper.

Our Services

  • Consultants embed with the victim’s employer and family to provide advice until the case is resolved
  • Liaison and cooperation with law enforcement authorities, where appropriate
  • Formation of a family or company crisis management team to manage the incident comprehensively
  • Framing of all communications with the adversary
  • Recovery and repatriation of any captive(s)
  • Post incident debriefing, coordination of trauma counselling and medical support

We provide technical know-how and expertise in resolving the case in a safe and timely manner. MS Risk is retained as an advisor to specialist syndicates in the Lloyd’s of London insurance market and responds to specialty risk incidents in all operating environments.

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