AMS use its intelligence assets from across its communications network in Iraq to fuse information and inform the regional and wider tactical, political and economic picture in support of all missions.

This can be in the form of:

  • Daily assessments including information on regional and local areas.
  • Occurrence reporting (immediate to inform time critical decisions).
  • Specific security risk and threat assessments and detail on emerging or continuing trends that may affect client missions

Comprehensive mission planning, live intelligence, situational awareness, multiple communication systems and standard operating procedures provide sturdy control of all missions.

AMS have implemented multiple layers for tracking clients, our teams and assets with regular reporting throughout operations into the OCR (Operations Control Room).

PREVENT: Be prepared for events, risks, threats and issues. Adapt a flexible response with mitigation plans, security measures and arrangements.

RESPOND: Get ready for action with Emergency Response Plan and Evacuation Plan in case of contingency.

DETECT: Obtain intelligence and information from various sources. Detect anomalies and set up a procedure to interact with local support.

PROTECT: Settle fittings, procedures, gestures and fixtures in order to grant shelter and protection to client personnel and assets.