Secure Logistics

Al Murabit has an in-house Secure Logistics team and has been managing and handling logistics services for a variety of clients, including the US Government and the German agency, GIZ, since 2011.

Combining both risk management and freight forwarding; AMS can provide any client with the following logistics services:

  1. Ocean Freight
  2. Air Freight
  3. Customs Clearance
  4. Warehousing (Containers, Break Bulk, Rolling Stock and Cold Storage)
  5. In-land Transportation

Our services include managing arrival and clearing at air ports and sea ports. Our team is well versed in the procedures at ports, such as Umm Qasr and international airports like Baghdad.  and all items are handled under AMS control, and with AMS procedures.

We are constantly assessing potential routes into Iraq for cargo and also the supply routes that may become usable in the future, everything that could then save time and money.

Maximizing the utility of borders, sea ports, air ports and road networks Al Murabit can provide local assurance that is fast, accurate, transparent and easy to deal with.

Our secure logistics service is part of our integrated approach to enabling our clients to succeed in Iraq.

If you require help with importing and exporting goods across Iraq, get in touch with our logistics team on