International Security Services in Iraq

Al Murabit Security Services provides security and peace of mind in harsh and unfamiliar territory. We aim to ensure you are at ease knowing your working and living environment has been subjected to rigorous security risk assessments and all mitigating solutions have been applied through our security services in Iraq.

We have a dedicated team of security professionals who are highly trained and have the necessary experience to protect clients in all scenarios, including:

  • Personal security and close protection
  • Transportation and journey management
  • Facility, infrastructure and commercial security

We recognise the security risks that are associated with the fast moving and continuously adapting terrorist mind. Terrorism seeks to disrupt commercial and major infrastructure locations, such as ports, airports, communications, power and water utilities.

With this threat in mind we bring together the best security intelligence with best-in-class equipment to meet each client’s specific environment needs to create a unique risk profile.

Static Security

Al Murabit has highly trained indigenous supervisors, team leaders and guards traditionally recruited from local communities and trained either on site or at our training schools to provide security services in Baghdad and Basra. Our operations team is well versed in the process of selecting, screening, training, delivering and managing these guard forces to budget and mobilisation timelines.

Additional life support services

Traditionally our clients will take on villas or purpose-built offices. As well as providing static site security, AMS are also able to provide teams of cooks, cleaners, gardeners and maintenance staff. Allowing our client’s to focus on their core tasks and roles.

AMS facilities management offer a dedicated manager, who will act as the focal point for liaising with you the client and ensuring that the team delivers high quality services all over Iraq at all times.

Mobile Security


  • High quality and well-conditioned B6 armoured vehicles with full medical and recovery equipment
  • Comprehensive communications; including real-time team tracking
  • Unhindered access to the Baghdad International Zone and the major oil fields
  • Fully compliant teams that have passes for all check points at all times
  • Highly trained team leaders, medics and operators
  • Full ballistic protective equipment (BPE) available


AMS maintains its own countrywide communications network from its base in Baghdad. An Operations Command and Control Room is supervised 24/7 by reliable and experienced operations staff, who tracks and monitors the movement of all teams using dual tracking systems (GSM and satellite), mobile cell telephones, VHF radios, HF radios and satellite telephones. These five layers of communication ensure pre-set report lines enabling effective tracking of APT Teams.

Whether you require security for your business facility or for mobilizing your employees, our team can provide advice and solutions for your needs.