Company profile

After recognising the requirement for a local reliable security company in Iraq, Al Murabit Security Services was established in 2010 as a subsidiary company to Harlow International to provide complimentary services to its clients in personal and technical security.

We are now a fully licensed, transparent organisation that is internationally compliant with all regulatory standards with operational offices in Baghdad and Basra and a business development office in Dubai.

Al Murabit has a strong and growing portfolio of live contracts through its flexibility, adaptability, responsiveness and best in class, international levels of professional security.

  • Head office in Baghdad.
  • Regional office in Basra.
  • Sales office in Dubai.
  • Currently employing over 450 staff.
  • Expat staff has valid monthly multi-entry visas.
  • 400+ new B6 armoured vehicles.
  • Secure compound with accommodation and business facilities
  • Financial strength with financial backing from Harlow International.
  • International, Iraqi government and commercial contacts.
  • Internationally accredited (PSC.1 and ISO 18788)

management team


Richard Jones

Director of Operations

Prior to working in the security industry Richard served in the British Armed Forces where he deployed to multiple operational theatres. On completion of his military service, Richard relocated to Yemen for 4 years;


Amer Mahmoud

General Manager

Amer Mahmoud, Graduate of Iraqi Air force Academy at 1976 and served as an officer at the Iraqi Air force, during his duty he participated in different training courses such as basic ATC in India, radar control in Italy […]


John Kitchen

Commercial Director

John has over 10 years’ commercial experience in Iraq and is currently employed as the Commercial Manager for Al Murabit Security Services, providing oversight of Business Development activities.


Andy Paddon

Operations Manager

Andy has a wealth of experience in the security industry, along with 23 years military experience he has been employed as a Team Medic, Team Leader, Security Manager and an Operations Manager


Gordon Muirhead MBE

Logistics Manager

Gordon Muirhead had a long and distinguished career serving in the British Army for almost 30 years. He joined as a private soldier in 1981 and rose through the ranks to reach the rank of Major before leaving in 2009.


Giyong Choi

Operations Manager & Korea Key Account Manager

Giyong served in the Republic of Korea Army for 22 years; he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1990 until he left the Army with an honourable discharge at the rank of Major.


Andrew Gough

Training & Standards Manager

Andy Gough has served for over 26 years in the British Army, after completing honourably his service he worked as an instructor and co-ordinator for the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association in Somerset, UK.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO certified by MSS Global