Company profile

After recognising the requirement for a local reliable security company in Iraq, Al Murabit Security Services was established in 2010 as a subsidiary company to Harlow International to provide complimentary services to its clients in personal and technical security.

We are now a fully licensed, transparent organisation that is internationally compliant with all regulatory standards with operational offices in Baghdad and Basra and a business development office in Dubai.

Al Murabit has a strong and growing portfolio of live contracts through its flexibility, adaptability, responsiveness and best in class, international levels of professional security.

  • Head office in Baghdad.
  • Regional office in Basra.
  • Sales office in Dubai.
  • Currently employing over 450 staff.
  • Expat staff has valid monthly multi-entry visas.
  • 400+ new B6 armoured vehicles.
  • Secure compound with accommodation and business facilities
  • Financial strength with financial backing from Harlow International.
  • International, Iraqi government and commercial contacts.
  • Internationally accredited (PSC.1 and ISO 18788)