Oct 2018

Arba’een 2018

Arba’een is an annual, major Shia religious celebration; this year it will take place between October 29 and 31. More than 20 million people are expected to visit Karbala to attend the commemoration with visitors predominantly from Iraq and Iran. Local residents unable to travel to the Karbala will make shorter pilgrimages to local Shia Mosques […]


Sep 2018

Basra update

Basra is in its third day of protests, which has seen demonstrators and security forces clash in the streets. Civilians and security forces have fatalities and injuries on both sides. Basra is seeing a lot of protests due to a lack of basic services, including a water and power shortage over the hot summer months. […]


Jul 2018

Tightening of security amid riots in southern Iraq

The disturbances in the area of Qurna in Basra Province are a timely reminder that the situation in the South cannot be taken for granted and is often unpredictable. There are major social issues being raised by the populace around the whole area of the oil and gas fields; that are not different from those […]


Mar 2018

Travelling safely: preparation

Travel preparation and planning in advance will give you a feeling of control and peace of mind. Travelling to Iraq is not like going on holiday where you have the option of being spontaneous or booking last minute health insurance. Detailed itineraries and inventories are what will keep you safe but will also keep your […]


Feb 2018

Iraq reconstruction to steam ahead

With the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider Al Abadi, and Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, both in attendance, the Kuwait Conference for Iraq Reconstruction was seen as a platform of Iraq’s reignited push for reconstruction investment. Many projects have been spoken about previously, with 157 key projects highlighted by the NIC just last week that […]