Al Murabit operations security team uses its Iraq-wide coverage to provide real time situational awareness and ground truth in support of all missions. This ensures that operations are managed and overseen effectively.

Operations include:

  • Daily assessments including information on regional and local areas, issues by the Operations team to all clients.
  • Occurrence reporting – to ensure everyone is up to date and in order.
  • Specific security risk and threat assessments.

Comprehensive mission planning, live intelligence, situational awareness, multiple communication systems and proven standard operating procedures (SOPs) provide sturdy control of all missions; all are reported throughout operations into the OCR (Operations Control Room).

PREVENT: Be prepared for events, risks, threats and issues. Adapt a flexible response to be able to respond quickly and effectively.

RESPOND: Speed of reaction and confidence in execution, enabled by SOPs and constant training and practice.

DETECT: Obtain intelligence and information from ground truth and situational awareness.

PROTECT: People, information, assets and property.


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