Canine Services

Canine Services Iraq

We provide world-class K9 solutions in complex detection, protection and security environments.

Our master dog trainers each have over 15 years of K9 security experience and are certified in current US and international standards. All of our handlers and dogs are fully trained, qualified, licensed and insured to conduct their duties. Through constant training our K9 handlers are up-to-date on the latest tactics, techniques and procedures required to provide canine services in Iraq.

Many of our dog handlers have dedicated a large part of their careers to hostile environments within either the security industry, military or police. All have trained with specialised canine teams and have spent time in training centres in France and Iraq.

All our trainers are affiliated to the United Working Dogs Association registered in Texas, USA and are qualified to certify dogs as well as handlers and as such Al Murabit is considered one of the best canine services companies in Iraq.

  • Guard Dogs
  • Explosive Detection
  • Vehicle & Premises Search
  • Weapons & Narcotics Search

Static Security Dogs

These are extensively high visual curb and deterrent canines that can enhance the manpower required for static guarding.

Al Murabit security dogs are exclusively trained in building and vehicle searches, article tracking, handler protection and location, which makes us an unbeatable provider of canine services in Iraq for your assignments.

Detection Dogs

Explosive detection

Specialist training is provided to our dogs on particular substances which frame the exact composition of explosives.

Our canine services in Iraq provide detection dogs who receive continuous training to make sure the provision of highest level results whilst doing their work unnoticeably to guarantee the least intimidation of the public or clients by the presence of our dogs.