Risk Management

Risk management services in Iraq are essential when the environment is challenging and hostile. Al Murabit has several years of experience in offering comprehensive services on every aspect of risk management and security. We specialise in providing a bespoke solution that enables you to operate productively.

We offer relevant and straightforward advice based upon our collective experience and understanding of the realities of trading and operating in Iraq.

Our risk management is based upon experience, local knowledge and an understanding of what the client actually needs to achieve.

Mitigating the Risk

Al Murabit mitigates risk and threats by following international best practice; we provide security plans, crisis response, evacuation designs, resilience planning and management plans for the continuity of your business.

With the help of our strategic approach towards security, you will enjoy lasting stability and risk management in Basra, Baghdad and throughout Iraq.

We strive to provide excellent services and we invest in our people and equipment to maintain the highest standards of the industry. Our achievement of ISO 9001:2015 is testament to our commitment to the highest industry standards, not only in security and risk management, but also Quality Assurance.

Risk Assessment Iraq wide

Our analysis team provides timely, accurate and truly relevant analysis and assessment based on ground truth and local knowledge. We also monitor a variety of sources both local and international to gain maximum information.

If our information is not up to date, or if there is a special requirement, we visit the location to see for ourselves. For instance, we have recently visited Mosul and Western Anbar for precisely this reason.

Our threat management and contingency planning is therefore based upon reality, however unwelcome it may be.

The AMS methodology is based on rules and standards for the management of operational risks.

  • Identification of threat scenarios
  • Determination of a security strategy
  • Definition of an Operational Concept of Security in partnership with the Risk Owner
  • Functional analysis of the study areas
  • Identification and measurement of vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations
  • Selection of possible solutions

Contact us for recommendations regarding Risk Assessments and Crisis Management Planning.