Company profile

After recognising the requirement for a local reliable security company in Iraq, Al Murabit Security Services was established in 2010 as a subsidiary company to Harlow International to provide complimentary services to its clients in all aspects of security and risk management. This has now been expanded to include secure logistics and HSE.

We are now an internationally-compliant organisation with operational offices in Baghdad and Basra and a business development office in Dubai.

Al Murabit has a strong and growing portfolio of live contracts through its flexibility, adaptability, responsiveness and best in class, international levels of professional security.

  • Head office in Baghdad.
  • Regional office in Basra.
  • Sales office in Dubai.
  • Operational footprint across the whole of Iraq including all high risk areas.
  • Provision of secure logistics from multiple APOD and SPOD to locations across Iraq.
  • Comprehensive HSE capability.
  • Currently employing over 450 staff.
  • 400+ new B6 armoured vehicles.
  • Secure compound with accommodation and business facilities
  • Financial strength with financial backing from Harlow International.
  • International, Iraqi government and commercial contacts.
  • Internationally accredited (PSC.1, ISO 18788 and ISO 9001:2015)