Your Trusted Security partner in Iraq

Al Murabit Security Services (AMS-91) is an Anglo-Iraqi managed security and risk management company based in Iraq. We provide our clients with a level of security of the highest international standard but that is additionally culturally sensitive to Iraqi-Arab primacy.
  • Our clients in oil and gas, government, defence, development and infrastructure trust us to secure their business operations and personnel so that they can effectively continue with their core business.
  • We recognise the unique challenges of living, working and travelling in Iraq and therefore the need for a local reliable security company to help identify, evaluate and mitigate operational risk in Iraq and the Middle East.
  • Al Murabit now has a business development office in Dubai and fully operational offices in Basra and Baghdad with secure villa accommodation, life support services and an operations room with integrated communications and a state-of-the-art tracking system.
  • Our team is available to advise and provide cost-effective realistic solutions for your security requirements. Contact our team for more information.

Local Cultural Awareness

Situation awareness in any hostile environment is key, but having cultural awareness of local communities and tribes in Iraq within each city, town or village, can define the success or failure of a project in Iraq. Al Murabit works to become a reliable security company by building relationships over time with local tribes for intelligence gathering, harmonious working within a community and to ensure the safety of clients should a local conflict arise. We have measures within Al Murabit to employ and train people from the local community that we are working within. This immersion in local society is central to our ability to offer our clients peace of mind.


Al Murabit was the first UKAS witnessed assessment on ISO 18788 in the world.
Al Murabit Security Services has assumed a leadership role in Iraq for quality assurance and has worked hard to achieve relevant international accreditations; AMS can proudly confirm they are the first Iraqi security company to be internationally compliant. 

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Jul 2017
Al Murabit: making life and business easier in Iraq

Simon Barry, director of Al Murabit Security Services, talks to Oil Review Middle East magazine about the challenges of doing business in Iraq.

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07May 2017

Al Murabit Security Services (Al Murabit) has opened its new office in Burjessia, Basra, demonstrating its commitment to deliver its full security service offering to customers in southern Iraq, as well as through its headquarters in Baghdad. Situated in the southern oilfields, the new office relocates the team closer to their customers and enables them […] Read more

17Aug 2016

May 2016, Baghdad - Al Murabit Security Services (AMS) and its sister company Al Thaware Security Services (ATS), the security services companies of Iraqi-based.... Read more

17Aug 2016

January 2016 , Iraq – As director of an Iraqi security services company, I am often asked by energy companies what the key issues are that are currently affecting security for their operations in Iraq and how I see these trends developing in 2016. Unsurprisingly, most trends impacting the energy sector are strongly influenced by […] Read more

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