Al Murabit Security Services


With headquarters in Baghdad and a Regional Management Office in Basra, Al Murabit provides services in support of a multinational client base throughout Iraq. Al Murabit has a proven ability to deliver solutions within some of the most operationally challenging regions to enable our client’s business activities.

To date Al Murabit has provided security services in support of international clients within the following regions of Iraq:

  • Baghdad
  • Basra Province, including:
    • West Qurna phase 1
    • West Qurna phase 2
    • North and South Rumalia
    • Zubayr
    • Um Qasr
    • Al Faw
    • Nasiriyah
    • Al Gharraf
    • Missan
    • Al Hilla


  • Mosul
  • Kirkuk
  • Tikrit
  • Baiji
  • Al Anbar Provision, including Al
    • Al Qa’im
    • Al Fallujah
    • Ramadi


Al Murabit Security Services