From the business’s location to its size and industry, there are several factors that determine the security threats faced by your company. In a country such as Iraq that is suffering from a largely unstable and volatile economic environment, businesses of all types face some form of security threats. If you are in search of some ways to better protect your business from some of the potential risks it might be facing, we’ve listed here some useful tips that have proven to be effective for companies based in all sectors.

A Dedicated Security Personnel

The first step towards strengthening your business site’s security is to appoint an employee to oversee all matters concerning ‘security.’ The person in charge does not have to be an expert on the topic, but they should be trustworthy and capable enough to oversee:

  • Who all has access to critical security information
  • Must be able to co-ordinate with security service providers
  • Must ensure that all existing security measures are operational

Review Your Existing Technology

Technology within the security industry is always improving, and there might be a product in the market that can further enhance your existing security measures. Whether the new technology is affordable or not, being aware of the new tech can help you upgrade to the same when you can. If you are indeed planning to add a new piece of technology to an existing system, make sure it is compatible.

Keep Tabs on Site Changes

Although it might seem trivial, a minor change to your business site can pose significant security threats if you are not aware of the same. Regular site checks can help you to identify such changes and alert the security team in charge before it becomes a problem.


CCTV’s have proven to be effective in warding off criminals and burglars from building premises. If you do have a system in place, be sure to check the footage that the equipment captures to analyze the details you can obtain in case of a potential break-in. Regular check-ups on your CCTV system can help you to identify whether the cameras need to be adjusted to match your security objectives. Lastly, having dedicated security professionals monitoring your CCTV can further enhance your prevalent security measures.

Access Control System

If there are a large number of people coming in and going from your premise, it is essential to introduce an access control system at your site. With such a system in place, you can rest easy knowing that only authorized individuals can enter the business site.

Go Beyond Your Site

Security risks are not limited to only your surroundings. Is there any building works happening near to your site that can result in increased traffic? Is there any event happening next to your building premise? Being aware of such risks can help you to better prepare for any risks that may come your way because of the same.